In general, the placement of funds for the purpose of making a profit is usually based on the long term. Market experience shows that real estate has always demonstrated stable attractiveness throughout history.

As an important component of investment portfolios, Israeli real estate is categorized into different types of property according to the intended use. Real estate investments in Israel include financial investments in industrial, commercial, agricultural, logistics, residential and other types of real estate.

In turn, depending on the nature of the investment and the level of potential risk, these types are divided into certain categories.

Real estate in Israel is popular with experienced investors, with the residential sector being preferred.

The economic and political situation in the world and the country certainly has an impact on market fluctuations, however, representatives of the diaspora and foreign residents are still showing interest in investing in real estate in Israel. At one time, the main reason for the rise in prices was the lack of supply due to low construction volumes, central bank lending policies and the lack of alternative investment options. Among the recommended measures to improve the situation, analysts call the government’s approval of a plan to strengthen the long-term rental market, including tax breaks to stimulate construction. In addition, experts note the need to promote urban renewal projects by simplifying legislation, which, given the availability of appropriate resources, should become a priority at the national level. It would also be useful to reduce the tax on the purchase of real estate, strengthen monitoring of large housing projects to ensure their timely start and completion. At the same time, the construction of new large facilities on the outskirts requires the simultaneous development of the necessary infrastructure.

As a rule, buyers are most interested in the most prestigious areas of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Herzliya, where you can buy an apartment in an elite house, a penthouse, a cottage or a duplex. However, less expensive real estate in Israel on the coast is also of interest to Israeli and foreign buyers, mainly from North America, Great Britain, France, often from the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Netanya, capital of Sharon

The coastal city, whose development was once influenced by the economic crisis, has attracted many foreigners in recent years who are investing in real estate in Israel on favorable terms. The most expensive real estate in this tourist core of the country, the city, which is also called the capital of Sharon, is located on the streets near the sea.

Bat Yam, daughter of the sea

Reasonable prices, proximity to Tel Aviv and the sea coast are considered the main advantages of this city, the name of which translates as “Daughter of the Sea”. Many immigrants from the former USSR buy real estate here. Bat Yam has the potential to become the largest tourist and business center in the country.

Tel Aviv, cosmopolitanism and tradition

The attention of many investors, first of all, is attracted by the dynamically developing business and cultural center of Israel, which ranks first in the list of cities of interest to foreigners. A penthouse in a new skyscraper, a cottage on the seaside or a designer apartment in the center – the cost of each type of real estate for investment in Israel is determined depending on the parameters and location. Of course, the attractiveness of housing increases in proportion to its proximity to the sea coast, major transport hubs, shopping and entertainment centers, parks, etc. implementation stages associated with a green environment, in accordance with current global trends.

Jerusalem, the holy city

In a city sacred to three world religions, the views of the Old City are, of course, exceptional. According to realtors, it is very important for buyers to feel that they are located in Jerusalem, so a luxury villa with a typical location can cost less than an apartment overlooking historical and religious monuments. Currently, many ambitious real estate projects are in various stages here. Investing in real estate in Israel offers high-end projects, some of the most promising residences in Jerusalem, whose prime location will provide easy access to all vital areas of the city.

Herzliya, the pier of millionaires

The coastal city located north of Tel Aviv is known for the western area of ​​Herzliya Pituach, where the most upscale real estate investment properties in Israel are concentrated. Its cost largely depends on the proximity to the sea; the residences of wealthy Israelis and foreigners are located here.